Cooperation at Scale, Next Generation Collective Intelligence and Internet!

Hi @MariaEuler
Could you help me to update my short-bio, please?

sure, sorry slipped through the cracks. is updated now: Liliana Carrillo.

I also made it a wiki,so you can change it yourself :slight_smile:

Hi @daveed
As soon as the videos are sent to me, I will share them here. I will ping you.

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Hi @MariaEuler, this is the message I have sent to the attendees of the event via eventbrite.

Dear all,

Thanks for attending the event ‘Cooperate at Scale’ that took place last Sunday. Thanks for your active participation, for your questions, your comments, the networking and talking that happened, and in general for your great contributions. Very grateful to have counted with you, on site, and online.

Even though there is room for improvement, I feel happy to have taken the step to organize this first event in a series of events, and I feel satisfied with the quality of the content shared and also with the ‘quality’ of the audience. I feel honored to have attracted such a interesting people like you! Thanks!

To organize the next event even better, and in co-creation with you, I would like you to join the Edgeryders platform, the place where the conversations about the next events will happen. I will also share the presentations and video recording of the event on the platform. Join it here: Cooperation at Scale, Next Generation Collective Intelligence and Internet!

Please share your comments about the event, your learning. All comments are welcome, the critical ones too! :slight_smile: Let’s shape together the content of the coming events by answering some of the suggested questions, or by sharing freely what you feel of value.

  • Tell us about yourself. What are you working on, and why were you at the ‘Cooperate at Scale’ event?

  • What have you learned at the event? Is there something new you heard? Something that you liked? disliked?

  • What would you like to learn more in deep at a next event?

  • Do you know possible sponsors for future events? volunteers that may want to help us?

  • Do you think that people may want to bring food to share for a next time? Peer-to-peer talks and Potluck gathering?

Feel free to also invite other people to the platform, and forward this email, so we shape together the content of the future events.

Feel free to send me an email too! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Warm regards,

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Great. Thanks so much @lylycarrillo

@daveed, you should join into the Collective Intelligence H2020 Proposal call today 18:00-19:00: Join Zoom Meeting

and the Community Call on Tuesday the 10th 18:00-19:00 on the topic of collective intelligence, where @lylycarrillo will present a short intro and me and others will present more such as Edgeryders Semantic Social Network Analysis.:

Thank you for organizing the event. I enjoyed the talk by Michel very much. In my view, the Holochain part was a little too short but I think there will be more opportunities in the future.

I am organizing events around these topics as well and would like to coordinate our efforts.

Here is a link to the next meetup about “Digital Human Rights”, talking about two factor authentication and security on the internet in general:

The more technical group is Blockchain Garage | Meetup

Looking forward to the next activity!


Hi dear @friedger
I am very happy to see you over here and continue the conversations we started via email on this platform. I will be attending your meetup on Secure your data, and if possible I am interested on co-organizing events with you, joining our forces, collaborating :slight_smile: Great initiatives, blockchain garage, and human digital rights.

I plan to organize this same event again, and I am checking the dates with Michel. It will be with a title referring to the Commons and it will touch several topics like in the Cooperate at Scale event.

I will also organize several meetups that are more focused on one topic: one only for holochain, one only for governance, collaborative platforms, one only for intellectual property, and so on…

Is there any preference on your side for a next event?
I would also love to hear the opinion of @rmdes and @oliiive

Warm regards,

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Hi @daveed
On the youtube channel of DigitYser, some videos have been published. Look at this one:


Thank you for including me in the discussion. I have no preference, anything that talks about tech including humans and for social purpose is of my interest.
I will not be present on 17th December, but I will follow if there’s a live, and I will be available on January (hopefully, I don’t know what life and universe have in store for me).

Thank you again for your presence and your energy

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Thanks dear Olivier for your presence, energy, time, and contributions. We hear each other in January after your Christmas break. Probably the next one can be about Holochain and setup a demo of the Identity tools. I will check.

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@friedger, maybe this thread is also interesting for you:

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It would be lovely to count with you for the Commons event we will be organising with Michel next year. Are you coming to Europe between mid-February and mid-June?
Lots of love, Liliana.

Hi @lylycarrillo,
I totally agree that technology has the potential to enable thousands of people to be together, collaborating, something that was impossible before. This is why think the annotation layer is so important. The annotation layer enables us to connect and collaborate on any page. So people can meet where they are rather than having to go to a walled garden.

What kinds of organizations are best poised to adopt CI technologies?

Hi dear Daveed, I would love to hear more about the annotation layer. Do you have a video about it? a preferred project contributing to this?

I would say that organizations working with agile or sociocratic teams, as they already have the mindset of ‘flat democracy’ and openness, sharing. What do you think?

@friedger @oliiive @rmdes @MariaEuler @nadia @soenke @BlackForestBoi

I am sharing my thoughts and feelings about the event on this page: Cooperation at Scale

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Hi @lylycarrillo

Marc Andreeseen - creator of the first Web browser Mosaic - says the Internet has a Big Missing Feature: Annotation. Marc Andreessen – Why Andreessen Horowitz Is Investing in Rap Genius | Genius, The Webpage was always meant to be a Launchpad for Insight and Debate on it’s contents. Annotations were removed from the Mosaic browser in 1995 during the fight for survival with Microsoft Explorer for lack of storage - there was no Cloud!

I am most intrigued by his closing statement in that article, “I often wonder how the Internet would have turned out differently if users had been able to annotate everything – to add new layers of knowledge to all knowledge, on and on, ad infinitum.”

Here is a slide presentation from a project that I like called Hypothesis ( about annotation: DocSend

In the future, in what I call the the #OverWeb, today’s web page is simply the contextual footprint for intertwingled worlds of information, interactions, and experiences emanating from content elements on the web page.


Yes to those groups.
As I was watching a video on diversity and inclusion, I had the thought that organizations that have embraced diversity for competitive advantage may already be thinking along the lines of collective intelligence.
Also, groups that are committed to collaboration and want to explore how technology can scale collaboration.

When will we know if the project gets funded?

I am working on a collective intelligence project for COVID19.

The COVID19 Mapping project aims to crowdmap the online information ecology for the COVID19 virus including second and third order effects of the virus.

The project utilizes Bridgit ‘s mapping capability to catalyze a Massive Online Research Collaboration on COVID19. Massive Online Research Collaborations HELP researchers connect and interact with other researchers on any webpage WITHOUT any coordination EVEN IF they don’t know each other or speak the same language WITH a self-generating interactive knowledge map. AI will monitor the knowledge map and send alerts about emerging threats, false news, and misinformation.

Outcomes of the project include a first-generation interactive knowledge map, a shared context for collaboration and communication, a cohesive community, and faster better answers that accelerate insight, innovation, and learning.