Coordination Group 2024

Hello @reef-coordination,

I am starting a new thread for our communication in 2024.

I have created a new agenda document (slightly changed) where you can put in your written reports.

It is saved in the same folder. This is the internal link:

Hello @reef-coordination,

We are meeting this Wednesday, with an exceptional 2 hour meeting (7 to 9 pm) so that we can take the time for a review of what works well and what could be improved.

I’d be grateful if you could prepare the following:

  • Write a couple of concise bullet points in the agenda document, where you report on key things going in your team, and be ready to swiftly present them

  • Write any requests to other teams, should you have any

  • Make sure you filled in the 2024 budget

  • Reflect on The Reef’s governance and working methods, what is working well and what could be improved. If possible, make it as concrete as possible.


My deepest and humblest apologies, but I’m not going to make it tonight :confused:
I have a work meeting at school that I had been told would be next week, but is in fact tonight.
I will put all the info that I can on the agenda when I get a break at 18h30, and respond to any questions for my teams there as well…
Have a great meeting!

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No prob.

I already had my questions about the usefulness of the meeting, so that doesn’t get better when there are only three of us.

@Sarah and @ugne, what’s you preference? Short meeting tonight or postponing it to a later moment. I personally favour the latter, but happy to show up if you think it’s useful.

I’m also for postponing :slight_smile:

ok, seeing this now. Let’s postpone then. See you all tomorrow at the plenary!
And will look into the dates for the coordination meeting.

What about:

  • Thursday, 25 Jan
  • Monday, 29 Jan
  • Wed, 29 Jan
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Hi @reef-coordination
Lie not available on the 25 Jan, let’s meet on Monday, 29 January instead.

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Sorry everyone, but I can’t make it on the 29th :confused: My schedule is a bit all over the place this month and the first half of next, and then it calms down a bit. As soon as we’ve settled on a new date for the Full Members meeting, I’ll take responsibility for coming back to this thread and proposing a new date for this one… :slight_smile:

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Now that a few other Reef-related meetings have fallen into place, time to resume our ongoing adventure regarding setting a date for the Coordination Group meeting. Here’s a new poll:

  • Thursday 8 February (evening)
  • Saturday 10 February (morning)
  • Tuesday 13 February (evening)
  • Thursday 15 February (evening)
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Hello @reef-coordination,

Above you can find a poll to schedule the next meeting. Can you please fill it in, and when you are the last one, can you ping everyone to announce the winning date?

On another topic, as part of the review process that will kick start at the next Full Members meeting, I would like do a quick review of the Coordination Group, which we could do during the next meeting.

Items I would like to discuss and/or propose include the following:

  • What is the Coordination Group for? Can we be clearer on the objective of these meetings?

  • Scheduling the meetings: I have a proposal

  • Attendance: idem

Finally I would like to break the news that I would like to step down as the Coordinator and thus that I would like to organise a selection process as soon as possible.


hello @reef-coordination
I didn’t realise it is cancelled for today. But as i feel like falling ill, it’s better for me, look forward to catching up, it has been too long!

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Hello @reef-coordination ,

The poll is done, although there is no good date.
It’s tuesday 13/02 or thursday 15/02 but for both there are one person missing.
As it’s hard to find a date, I could cancel my commitment and make it on the 15th (unless your commitment on tuesday is flexible @Lee - just thought I would chance it, no wrong answer, I can make it happen my end if need be…).

Thanks @sarah. Unfortunately I can’t cancel my Tuesdays commitments, so grateful if it can be the 15th (ping @reef-coordination).

After the review I would like to come up with a proposal on attendance and scheduling, because for me the way we are currently doing it we are investing a lot of time and not meeting very often.


Hi @reef-coordination !

The agenda for tomorrow’s meeting is finalised. If you provided info for your team in anticipation of the cancelled meeting a few weeks ago, some of it may need to be updated.

I will be filling in for Sarah re Team Governance. I’ve provided team info below the agenda. Pinging @Sarah and @Sophie_B to check what I’ve written pertaining to the helping circle meeting on Tuesday, in case I’ve missed anything important…

Finally, not sure what we’re doing these days for online meetings. Unless anyone has a Zoom account that we can use, I’ll set up a Jitsi meeting just before 7pm and share the link here :slight_smile:


I’ve just had it pointed out on another thread that we have the new Opentalk software to use. Perhaps someone is already familiar with it and can set up the meeting…

I’ve just put a link in the agenda :slight_smile:

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All good to me (I’ve just added an example hypothetical szenario ;)) - thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Hi @ugne,

I saw you taking notes, but I don’t manage to find them. Could you help me out, or else copy/paste them in the agenda document? This is the link:

Many thanks!

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Hi @Lee , hi @ChrisM , yes , I will tomorrow, sorry to be late. I have my sister with kids this weekend and had not even single minute to sit down.

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