Coordination Group 2024

Hi @reef-coordination
When you have a moment, can you kindly review the plenary agenda point here Like that i can post it.
@Lee , i forgot to ask you something, but perhaps Manuel could help me. I don’t know how you do the hyper link on the content page to go directly to the right plenary (not able to do that)! :slight_smile:



Hi Ugne,

Thanks for that! I added the links to the documents for the selection process and the full members proposal.

Given that the agenda is relatively empty I have also added an item on Working Methods. Looking at the list and how we are doing, I have picked up on transparency again. Would that work for you?

As for your question on the hyperlink, I’m not fully sure I understand your question, but I think what you are looking for is right-clicking on the table of contents > update field > update the entire table.

Are you using Nextcloud on your personal laptop, or are you using it online?

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yes, totally.

on my work computer, don’t have a personal one. Anyway, will try what you suggested and ask Manuel as well. Thank you!

One point that we forgot to add to the agenda is the debriefing from the meeting with the neighbour and with the commune, which will take place on Wednesday.


Hello @reef-coordination,

We had a meeting planned for tomorrow, which we’ll need to cancel because of the site visit.

Honestly there is so much to do and there are so many meetings, that I’d be inclined to postpone the meeting for a bit and to just focus on the current priorities. If coordination between different teams is needed in the meanwhile, we can always set up a quick bilateral meeting.

For now I see the following tasks that are urgent from now until the next two weeks:

  • Getting clarity about the legal set-up for a possible purchase. Here the next step is getting more information from the notary. Once that comes in I guess we’ll set up a quick meeting with a couple of people from Team Finance.

  • New recruitment process: work-in-progress. Proposal will be presented at the plenary of 26/05.

  • Getting more clarity on the common spaces: work-in-progress. A post will follow shortly.

If the purchase would go through, once we find a bit more stability and breathing space, the next big tasks will be the actual recruitment and onboarding of new Reeflings, seeing whether we can have more inclusive units, hammering out the next version of “le programme” (individual units and common spaces) and getting a more detailed view on how the mortgages would work (which rate, payments when etc).