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Ready for Edgeryders NGI community festival?

Want to find out what are we planning for the festival or have an idea you wish to propose (deadline is the 20th of September!), join our call on 17th of September at 6 PM!

Register here: Community Call 17th of September - Festival Proposal Mini Presentations, Info and Feedback - Events - Edgeryders

Somewhere near South Caucasus mountains, in an abandoned theatre in the internationally unrecognized territory Nagorno Karabakh, a unique art festival is taking place. Focus is: Battling Cultural And Economic Isolation. Find out more: Support This Art Festival Battling Cultural And Economic Isolation Through The "Ghost Theater of Stepanakert" - Campfire - Edgeryders


The web we know today relies heavily on open-source software and hardware to make it work.

However, the evolution of that ‘open-source web’ went in a completely different direction. Today, most of the web is governed by a handful of big tech companies, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and a few selected others. Those companies, as everyone knows, are NOT open-source nor follow it’s principles.

What if we would re-structure the web so that it would follow open-source principles more? What if we gathered companies, governments, public services and connected them collaboratively and openly?

Would that approach that gives more perspectives on complex issues such as privacy and ad-funded economy make them easier to solve?

Join the discussion: How do we organize society for a whole-systems approach for developing the Internet? - #14 by zaunders - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders

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