#CountOneMe: 11.10


Coliving! A solution to the over-priced housing market! Agree? Join us on 24th of October in Brussels for a workshop with others that are living or would like to live in a co-living space: http://bit.ly/2oAGy37


Our upcoming festival is taking shape! One of the suggested workshops is “What would sustainable service design look like in a net-zero society”. Know something about this topic? Contribute here: http://bit.ly/2OEMBP1


[Edgeryder Festival Community Call - Reaching Out ]

Edgeryders festival is coming soon! Therefore, for those interested in attending (and inviting their friends to attend), we’re asking you to our upcoming community call on the 15th of October.

During the call, we’ll discuss how to reach out, invite and sign up to the Festival events!

Register for the call here: http://bit.ly/2VzYEOI

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