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[SCI-FI Economics Lab]

Our world, our pale blue dot will become a wasteland if something doesn’t change fast.

To make that change, we’re starting it by creating a NEW economic system to support it with support from sci-fi writers and economists.

Get involved:bit.ly/ScifiEconLab

[Empowering Youth for Better Future]

If you’re living in Serbia, you know that youth tends to leave it as soon as they can. To figure out the cause of this, we’re organising a workshop in Bečej on what does youth need to succeed in Serbia.

Join us: http://bit.ly/2PcHLsB


[Sci-Fi Economics Lab]

Increasing inequalities, climate change paired with environmental destruction are one of the biggest problems we as humans experience today.

We need a new society. One that will preserve the planet’s ecological balance, and which includes everyone in a meaningful effort to be a thriving, fair civilisation.

But, no society works without an economy to support it.

We need a new, radically different economy. That’s why we’re organising a conference, where sci-fi writers such as Cory Doctorow with other top-not experts and YOU will create a solid foundation for a new economic system. This conference will take place on the 11th of November in Brussels to create a new economic system.

To make this happen, we’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign: bit.ly/ScifiEconLab

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