#countoneME: 25.09


Everyone knows Adblocker. A tiny plugin that blocks those pesky online ads. However, if you wish to block ads before they even load, you can get this little gizmo that goes directly into your router.

Like it? Let’s discuss it’s applications: A hardware ad-blocker! - Campfire - Edgeryders


What do you get when you combine a digital artist with a theatre director from @agencyofconey? A fantastic discussion "Tackling political challenges and questions in games - how do we design games and events that change realities around us? " on a Friday evening. Join us: Politics in games: webinar with Andrea Brasch and Tassos Stevens



If you’ve ever played around with some image recognition technology, you were probably amazed at how accurate it can be.

Untill it isn’t so fantastic and starts making mistakes.

AI systems that run behind image recognition services rely on data-sets. They are central to how AI systems recognize and interpret the world.

See how member Peter played around with one, and how facial technology can make mistakes:That's not my face: The interesting ways in which facial recognition algorithms fail - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders

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