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The idea that technology will fix everything, from climate change to poverty is simplistic. We need to change how we live. Join us in building The Reef, a new & sustainable approach to co-living: The future of urban living is green. Looking for skilled partnership builder for The Reef in Brussels - The Reef - Edgeryders


Does your company have a sustainability policy? We’re in the middle of creating one for Edgeryders. You can contribute to it as well, as Edgeryders is a project for everyone: An Edgeryders sustainability policy? - EarthOS - Edgeryders



Can the technology that we have today help us define our identity?

Vinay Gupta, a co-founder of Edgeryders, has published a very long-form piece on digital identity.

While many see an economic opportunity on resolving the issues of identity mess, how can we make sure new solutions don’t generate the next generation of problems?

Get a comfy chair, prepare a drink and get ready to dig into Gupta’s excellent post on this topic: On identity, trust and the horizon of technical progress - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders

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