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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - flies aeroplanes, drives cars, writes news and forecasts the weather. But, can it fight fake news? Or, are we alone in the fight against misinformation and fake news? Join the debate: http://bit.ly/2PsuI7Y


Edgeryders co-founder @NoemiSalantiu grew up in post-communist Romania. After the fall of communism, each generation fell into their bubble. Noemi wanted out of hers. Her story: http://bit.ly/2Z1xNzk



There’s no shortage of web tools for collaboration.

From Slack to Asana, Workplace by Facebook to e-mail itself, ever since the web became our “working place”, we tried to connect with others through it to do things faster. One of the main ideas of developing tools mentioned is to eliminate meetings in person which are considered a waste of time by many.

Or was that a mistake? Can a web tool replace meetings in person?

Is there a tool that’s available on the web that truly serves to boost collaboration?

Let us know: http://bit.ly/2Li19Rb

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