#CountOnMe: 02.09

Happy back to school day!



Sustainability is the greatest challenge of our time: it brings together issues from pollution to poverty. Can startups and tech they develop to become more sustainable and greener? Join the discussion: Deep Green Tech Workshop - Events - Edgeryders


It’s a wide known fact that the climate is changing. Can upcoming technologies (5G, driverless cars, etc.) help in preventing climate change?

Have an opinion on this? Share your story: How can the Internet Help the Climate? - #9 by pbihr - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders




Member Hugi delivered a speech at CCCamp, a gathering of 5000 hackers and nerds outside of Berlin. During his speech, he talked about The Borderland, which is a participatory art event in Denmark with 3210 co-creators. In the past three years, he and the organizers of the event created online tools to keep participation and co-creation high.

Development of tools was necessary as the event has tripled in size in only three years.

In his speech, he talks about the design philosophy behind these tools, drawing parallels to the ancient silk road. These tools have since are being used by at least five other events around the world. Get cosy, prepare a snack and indulge in 45 minutes of pure knowledge: My talk at CCCamp: Participatory event tools & silk road networks - Campfire - Edgeryders

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