#countonme: 04.09


  1. Social media, as it is today, is broken.

From privacy scandals to abuse of personal data, it’s evident that social media must change. Member @jollyorc and his team took this issue head-on and developed a new social network. Meet him and the project here: Social Media is broken, let's do better! - #52 by Craigimass - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders

  1. Trees don’t need us, but we need them!

While Milan decided to plant 3 million trees to reduce the temperature for 2°C, Brazillian president refused help to reforest burnt Amazon.

What can be done? Join the discussion: City of Milan to "reforest": 3 million new trees will lower city temperatures by 2-3° - #12 by ilaria - EarthOS - Edgeryders



What if you could store and process data inside your own body?

Biohackers are finding new ways of updating human bodies, from improving our vision via implants to opening doors via implemented chips.

What if you could connect your own body into a decentralized network
group of biohackers developed an implant called the PegLeg, which creates a mesh network between the users, for file sharing etc?

Will we become cyborgs?

Join the discussion: An actual internet of humans - #2 by MariaEuler - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders

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