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Alberto, Chantal, Noemi, Isabelle, Manuel, Matthias, Ilaria. These are the souls already involved in building The Reef in Brussels. If you’re into co-living and have ideas on how to make it more fun, join us: Who's building The Reef in Brussels and how you can join us - The Reef - Edgeryders


What is co-living? It’s sharing work, life, fun and care.

Curious to find out more about co-living? We’re organising a workshop about it in Brussels. Register and join us: The Reef: living together? Habitat et propriété en commun


AI is here to solve all our woes.

At least that’s how AI is being presented in the media today.

But, what if AI systems have built-in inequalities inside its algorithms.

What can we do?

During Edgeryders Festival (-> http://festival.edgeryders.eu ), we’re organising a workshop on this topic where we’ll discuss various aspects of AI inequalities and what can be done to remove such disparities.

Find out more about this workshop and register to attend the festival here: http://bit.ly/2ocO5F4

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