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Are EU and national policies stifling the ability of European tech companies to compete with US/Chinese tech companies?

Would removing redundant policies improve the EU’s tech sector competitiveness? What do you think: http://bit.ly/2ALUBW7


Welcome to the age of AI! The period when everyone should be treated the same by AI, but that doesn’t happen. Why? We’re organizing a workshop on this topic, join us: http://bit.ly/2LTXYAV


Imagine a festival to which you cannot buy tickets to attend, but you ‘pay’ with participation.

Imagine a festival devoted to improving the current state of the web, improving people’s wellbeing and where you can propose any topic that interests you. And get it debated by experts and like-minded people.

This festival is called the Edgeryders festival, and you can join here: http://bit.ly/2OnlWWI

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The festival looks great, I just browsed the website with more of a participant perspective, and boy, so much to choose from!!

Will be posting and tagging three more events, one on the 24th in Belgrade (Wellbeing) and two in Brussels, 25th and 28th (The Reef) .

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Just stumbled upon this old testimonial from a participant at an Edgeryders conference:
Might be good for other promos @fsimonov @nadia:

The big Edgeryders meetup in June was hands down one of the most meaningful gatherings we have ever had the fortune of participating in: many of us still haven’t gotten our heads around the experience of thinking, talking, working and partying with some of the most incredible people we have ever met. The world looks different to me after those four days. Better. Worse. Uglier. More beautiful. More complex. Smaller and infinitely bigger all at once. It has already had an impact on the trajectory of my life. My brain is sharper, my work better, my ambitions and determination much stronger. I think I learned more during those four days than I have during my entire formal education, about stuff I never could have imagined existed, let alone could forsee myself being interested in! - Chris Pinchen. Source: https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/keep-calm-and-lote2/2012/11/12

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