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Ever found yourself watching a documentary about some issues about the web, i.e. how it relies a lot on ads, and think to yourself “I know how to solve that”. Great! Then we want YOU to apply for Edgeryders Festival:Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there! - Campfire - Edgeryders


Official website of our upcoming Edgeryders festival is shaping up. This will be the central point of getting information about the Festival. Check it here: http://festival.edgeryders.eu



Cities are more than just people living near each other. They contain complex systems and ‘organisms’, and such need to be addressed when implementing smart city policies in them. Read more: How can we put humans/citizens first in our smart city policies? - #29 by johncoate - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders


You’re having a lunch break, and in your newsfeed pops out an article on yet ANOTHER privacy scandal on Facebook.

You open the article, read it, and realise that people are oblivious to something that can solve that issue.

If you have ideas on solving one of the webs burning issues (and there are MANY!), come and join us for Edgeryders festival, where a group of likeminded individuals will join you in solving similar issues.

Here’s how to join: Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there! - Campfire - Edgeryders

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