#CountOnMe: 15.10


Earlier this week, Edgeryders co-founder @NoemiSalantiu along with 10 other people to figure out the ins and outs of vacancy and potential for spaces in the city to be transformative. Here’s what they discussed: culture Culture: What we learned about vacant spaces in Brussels - Culture Squad - Edgeryders


Are certain technologies such as AI more likely to lead to an outcome of increased justice than others? On the 19th of November, in Brussels, we’re gathering AI experts and AI enthusiasts to discuss this issue. Join us: http://bit.ly/2ocO5F4

Live in Belgrade? Want to get involved with Edgeryders?

We’re coming to Belgrade from 22-24 November, and we’ll organise a workshop on c ollaboration, human interaction and why they matter.

If you’re interested in joining us, leave a comment here: Serbia event(s) planning 22-24 November - Workspace - Edgeryders

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