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[“Ghost Theater of Stepanakert”]

In an internationally unrecognised territory in the south Caucasus, an art festival will take place with a focus on trying to revive the area known as Nagorno-Karabakh. Discover more: Support This Art Festival Battling Cultural And Economic Isolation Through The "Ghost Theater of Stepanakert" - Campfire - Edgeryders


How to organise and communicate via apps when your government censors the internet? You go to mesh peer-to-peer networks, that don’t require an internet connection. That’s precisely what protesters from Hong-Kong did: Hong Kong – mesh network use up 3685% - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders


Edgeryder’s CTO has lived off the grid in his truck for several years.


Matthias decided to use himself as a guinea pig to show that a zero consumption society is possible.

The truck Matthias lives in has 9m² living space which he heats in winter with a few wood scraps, a carbon-neutral solution. Except for those two months in winter, he generates his electricity on the rooftop of his truck, with 400 W-PEAK solar panels.

He also made a foldable 3Dprinter, established peer-to-peer marketplace where Nepalese coffee bean farmers could sell their products straight to the European customers.

Meet him here: This CTO has lived off the grid in his truck for several years — here’s why - Campfire - Edgeryders

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