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Startups produce new technology. Can that technology become more sustainable and greener? Join our upcoming call with two deep green experts on October 1st and discover more about green tech: Edgeryders Community Call - Deep Green Tech - Events - Edgeryders


Alberto, Chantal, Noemi, Isabelle, Manuel, Matthias and Ilaria are souls that have joined forces to build the Reef. If you’re interested in creating co-living spaces, have ideas about how to make them more tech and more human-focused. We need you: Who's building The Reef in Brussels and how you can join us - The Reef - Edgeryders


One of the reasons why Edgeryders is such a valuable resource for all of us is because communication between participants is at its core.

Being a member of Edgeryders has many benefits. One of the most important ones is that if a topic interests you in particular, YOU can propose a topic for the upcoming community

We all have interests that spark passion inside us. We encourage you to share that passion with us on our platform.

However, we can have a video chat about it as well!

Every week, we’re organising community calls, which are video chats where Edgeryders members can talk about topics that interested them.

Have a topic in mind?

Join here: Let's talk regularly! Our Community Call Schedule - Events - Edgeryders

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