#CountONMe 26.08




Hugi Asgeírsson, Ola Claesson and Jakob Skote, a programmer, a writer and an artist got an assignment to explore how digital ethnography can enhance collaborative creative processes online. Best thing? You can join them! Read more: Babel between us - Team invitation - Software (Participio) - Edgeryders


If we would build a more human-centric social network, how would that network function? What are the opportunities and challenges in creating such a platform? We had a great discussion with @jollyorc on this topic: Podcast recording of our Community Call with Christian Buggedei August 6, 2019 - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders



Our cities are getting smarter and more interconnected by technology.

How can we make sure that we put people first in such cities and ensure that public services serve us, and not rigid algorithms?

Read more: How can we put humans/citizens first in our smart city policies? - #29 by johncoate - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders

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