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Almost every city today aspires to become a Smart City. In such a connected world, how do we put people first and make smart public services serve its citizens and not algorithms?
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  1. O tym, dlaczego na Dolnym Śląsku nikt nie chce inwestować czy nawet zostawać, i dlaczego Unia Europejska nie jest dla Polaków rozwiązaniem, pisze Sceptyk: http://bit.ly/2z9OXfC

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We live in a digital world.

In this world, it’s not just us who are getting more connected via smartphones and wearables, but also our cities are getting smarter as well.

There are quite a few cities around the world that have automatised their public administration services. That automatization is made possible by implementing various big data algorithms that speed up the decision process.

How can we ensure that those algorithms are made to serve citizens and not companies that wrote them?

Join the discussion here: http://bit.ly/30dt8rs

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Are we now sharing Polish posts ? May be misleading to share content in Polish though…

I would pick the Polish language summary for posts. Those of us with Polish networks can share + ER channels pushes them out sporadically.

I saw that there are less foreign language posts promoted through our official channels, as a result of the Czech ad gone wrong and other conversations where we kind of agreed to tone it down. Do you think we’re on the right track like this?

I was just thinking that those with some polish followers can share this one as well.

Regarding posts on the official page, yes, I was keeping it in English so we minimise backlash. However, I do think its OK to share posts in other languages from time to time as we do serve non-english speakers as well.