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Happy August!

here’s what to share on 1st of August:


Recently, we had a pleasure to have a podcast with @peterbihr, former Mozilla fellow, founder of #ThingsCon (among other things) who talked about #IoT, making IoT open, and other IOT topics. First podcast is here: http://bit.ly/2LU9q0s

Suggested #: #ArtificialIntelligence #IoT #BigData #MachineLearning #OpenWeb

Learning from Transunions festival: if we want to change current issues in the world, we cannot solve them with an old mindset that cause those same issues. We need more women, minorities and communities involved. http://bit.ly/2SC1hyd

Suggested: #migration #postColonialism #humanrights


[ SMART CITIES ] Smart cities are cities where digital meets physical. The more cities are being connected and thus turned into Smart Cities, the more our society faces complex issues around power dynamics, control, and access. When machine learning (AI, machine learning) starts to replace public administration workers, every single citizen is impacted by technological systems that are largely black boxes. How can we put humans/citizens first in our smart city policies? Keep reading: http://bit.ly/2K9XTI7

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Thanks, this is great!

Here it is:

I’m yet to listen to Peter’s podcasted interview, soz @Johncoate!! Doing it asap and then will share the link!

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