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Earlier last month, @MarinaBatinic, @NoemiSalantiu and a few other enthusiasts, had a relaxing & productive Friday afternoon in a park in Brussels. One of the discussion points was the re-thinking of the concept of co-living. Here’s how they want to update it: Brussels group: 'perennial urbanism' and calls for help - Culture Squad - Edgeryders

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Internet isn't good or bad. Internet is a set of tools. How we use those tools, that's what defines 'goodness' or the opposite of the internet. What do you think? Share here:

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"[ JOB AD ] Always wanted to work or live in a co-living space? We have something even better: you can help to build one & then move in! If this seems interesting, then, we invite you to join The Reef.
The Reef is a community, a home, a workplace, a model. But it is also the seed for a new market of social, deep-green living lifestyle. More about the job: The future of urban living is green. Looking for skilled partnership builder for The Reef in Brussels - The Reef - Edgeryders

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