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Arek głosuje na prawicę, ale nie przyznaje się do tego w swojej pracy - czy masz podobne doświadczenia? Dlaczego boimy się rozmawiać o swoich poglądach? Region twardo stąpający po ziemi - W Polsce - Edgeryders

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[EARTH OS] We believe climate change is the defining challenge of our time. It trumps other problems because we can’t fix anything if we don’t survive first. That’s why Ederyders launched EarthOS, and you can become a part of it too! More info: Say hello to EarthOS: Why Edgeryders is partnering with Europe's largest Public-Private partnership for Climate Action - EarthOS - Edgeryders

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We invite you to join The Reef. What is The Reef? It is a home, a workplace, a model. But it is also the seed for a new market of social, deep-green living lifestyle. Sounds fun? We’re searching for a skilled partnership builder for The Reef in Brussels. Read more: The future of urban living is green. Looking for skilled partnership builder for The Reef in Brussels - The Reef - Edgeryders

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