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Arek głosuje na prawicę, ale nie przyznaje się do tego w swojej pracy - czy masz podobne doświadczenia? Dlaczego boimy się rozmawiać o swoich poglądach? http://bit.ly/2KaGBtt

[STARTUP GRAND ILLUSION] You've heard it before: if you're building a startup, you need to be 10x better than the solutions that are already out there. Or…should you just be more innovative? http://bit.ly/2YU9wau


Climate change trumps all other challenges of our time because we can’t fix anything if we don’t survive as a species first. Climate change needs all hands on deck. That’s why Edgeryders is partnering with Europe’s largest Public-Private Partnership for Climate Action, Climate-KIC. Read more: http://bit.ly/2KehllT

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