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Happy ‘little Friday’


Passionate about sustainable living? Into co-living? Live in or around Brussels? Great! Then we have a job for you. Join The Reef, infrastructure for a lifestyle adapted to the 21st century: http://bit.ly/2T6tH3t


If you don’t pay for the product online, you are the product. If we want to update the current state of the web and make it more human-centric, issue of the ad-based economy needs to be replaced.
Join the (already very lively) debate: http://bit.ly/341g2A2


Majority of the Internet’s architecture relies on free software and open-source technologies.

What if we would organize the infrastructure development of the Internet similarly?

Can we gather companies, governments & civil society and establish open and collaborative processes to include a multitude of perspectives of this complex issue and overcome the challenges causing devastating consequences for communities, organizations and humans?

Would this prevent scandals such as Cambridge Analytica?

Join the debate: http://bit.ly/2TSPYCv

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