#Countonme: posts for 26.07

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[ INTERNET GOOD OR BAD ] Is the internet inherently good? No. But it isn't bad either: http://bit.ly/2Gb2DuT

Proposed hashtags: #tech #web #innovation

"[ RETIREMENT] Hack your way into the future of getting old: print your 3D prosthetics, manufacture your own patent-free medicine, or get a robotic care assistant. Have an idea on how to hack around retirement? Share here: http://bit.ly/2Y8s2jE

Proposed hashtags: #robotics #IOT #retirement

Facebook post: Natalia Skoczylas attended the Transunions Festival in Warsaw where she was witness to a fiery discussion on what role countries - who's power is built on violence - have in todays world. Hint: there are quite a few. Keep reading: http://bit.ly/2SC1hyd

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This is very helpful, thanks!

Thank you for editing :slight_smile:

also, for me I think it would be super useful if we get the social links that we can like and retweet/share (in that way we also boost engagement of the pieces itself, and I dont have to go to twitter/fb to check, but can lazily click from here :wink: )

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Yes, agreed, or maybe we can share it too…

Here’s mine:

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And this is one of mine!

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