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Hey you! Yes, you reading this! What’s it like to have a job in your country, do you earn enough to get by?
Do you face any other problems? Come, share them on wellbeing with others who are just like you: Wellbeing in Europe | Edgeryders


Isn’t it unfair that when you do impactful work (NGO, art collective/…), monetization doesn’t follow? Member Yannick took this problem on, and came up with a new economic model that might fix this issue: Let's look into community based economics - Campfire - Edgeryders



Edgeryders community is full of programmers, artists, nomads, hackers, scientists, and many more creative souls.

One of them, Martin, wrote a book on Exploring Geoethics.

This book explores the potential of geoethics, as designed within the operational criteria of addressing the deeds and values of the human agent as part of the Earth system.

The book begins by framing, contextualising and describing contemporary geoethics, then goes on to cover several examples of geoethical thinking and explores the societal intersections of geosciences in the planetary ‘human niche’.

Discover more about the book here: Giving some love to Martin's book - Research Network - Edgeryders

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Not bad… 17 retweets and 19 likes. A second version got 2 retweets and 18 likes.

EDIT: the first one is now at 22 retweets (including Graeber, who has 90+K followers) and 27 likes. The second one is at 12 retweets and 44 likes. Hopefully a few of those folks clicked on the link…