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Is it possible for startups to create tech solutions that are green, sustainable and regenerative?
We’re planning to organize a workshop on this topic. Join us in designing it: Deep Green Tech Workshop - Events - Edgeryders


A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building a more human-centric social network with Christian Buggedei, AKA @JollyOrc. Tune in the podcast here: Podcast recording of our Community Call with Christian Buggedei August 6, 2019 - Internet of Humans - Edgeryders


Most of the Internet infrastructure bases itself on open-source software.

Internet today is mostly NOT open-source, and a handful of big tech companies govern everything we do online. Is it possible to re-write the organization of the Internet and make it more open-source?

Can we gather companies, governments, and other players in the society and establish collaborative processes which could potentially solve issues we have with the web today? Join the discussion: How do we organize society for a whole-systems approach for developing the Internet? - Tell Us About You - Edgeryders

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