Create a Wiki with links to information about co-creative processes

(I really wish tasks that are done would not keep showing up on the group timeline! The wikispace has been created at /t/ci2i-global-co-creative-impact-and-innovation-practitioners/363/where-to-learn-about-processes-for-co-creative-impact)

We’d like to start a repository of links to good information about co-creative processes that can be applied to social impact driven work. (I’d also like to see what happens when you create a task on Edgeryders.) If you’d like to take on the task of starting a wiki page of links in the Ci2i Global group, here are a few good resources to include that come immediately to mind:

Art of Hosting

The Barefoot Guides

Surely a search will offer more… Thank you so much!

will save this for later (aka, this is what happens when you discard a task)

A discarded task does not disappear from the group page

So I’ll go ahead and keep this task open to see what happens when somebody takes it on :slight_smile:

Cocreative events formats

I don’t understand what has happened with this thread,

but it might be useful for the task to check out Lilian’s Co-Creative Events’ Pattern Language project

He has a spreadsheet with very very many event formats listed

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Awesome list

Hi [jsbaxter] - while I find it a bit difficult to use, that’s quite an extensive list! Thank you for sharing.

As for what happened to this thread, I was playing with the technology to try to understand how “tasks” work on this platform. Then tried to discard it, but it doesn’t delete! Will get around to actually setting up the wikispace for these resources soon.

All the best to you!

wiki page created!

See /t/ci2i-global-co-creative-impact-and-innovation-practitioners/363/where-to-learn-about-processes-for-co-creative-impact