Create and send newsletter announcing Lote4

Starting next week we launch communications for Lote4.

We have a choice:

1) either send out an inspirational story for Lote4: the “Save the date” high level invitation to participate. This model (32.2% open rate)


2) build it following the tasks format with links to everything happening, who’s in and ways in for people who want to help. similar to this layout

As I remember it, Lote3 kickstart worked great with only 1 Save the date well written post, simply asking people to commit.

We can also test and split the list so half gets the story and half gets the detailed overview, and see for the future which one performs best.

To include in the email (tentatively):

  1. Registration : do we know exactly how people register? By buying tickets on Makerfox and picking up tasks here?

  2. Draft agenda: i assume it will be up for public sharing by Monday

  3. Recruitment calls: fundraiser and event coordinator (drafts already in the pipeline)

  4. Call for collaborative ebook

I can take on this task or leave it to someone who;s more up to date with preps?

Yes: Save the date Blogpost & A/B test mailing list

The #LOTE4 event theme is a timely one. I think it makes sense to connect it to the topics that are now in the headlines.

I think what is needed is a headline/tweets that does just that. As well as a call to action beyond just “save the date”.

Some thoughts ( @Ben Vickers , @Said Hamideh, and others please weigh in on this):

1. What would be the consequences of a successful event on Community Stewardship (long term and short term) for: People with existing initiatives and skills | People who urgently need to solve a problem | People who want to know what’s hot/ next/fresh | People curious about specific projects/ themes

2. What would the concrete outcomes enabling those outcomes be, and what do we need to produce in order for that to happen? What are our metrics/ how can we tell if we are reaching those goals? We started discussing in Tbilisi, but need to flesh out the details more here:

3. How do we want to make participants feel as a result of getting involved in this initiative?

4. How do the different parts of our offer contribute towards reinforcing that feeling?

We only used blog posts

…as announcements.