Create blocks that look like the Making Lote3 ones?

I’ve been trying to get the Spot The Future collaboration space to look like the great one @Auli set up for making lote, but need some help.

  1. I managed to create a block view called Spot The Future tasks that is a clone of the view LOTE3 tasks (Block). But cannot get it to look the same neat way with lines between and only showing the headers of the task.
  2. Same thing with the  view LOTE3 tracks (Block) which looks like you can just add links to wherever on the platform. Haven't started on this because I don't think it would look visually as neat and how to make it flexible enough that you can add links directly from the page itself (customise page, edit block).

Can you help explain how this is done once so we have an instructable to share with others who wish to modify the groups this way?

@Nadia i took a look at this: it needs to be Block view (you had included Master view). I added the other one to Spot group now. Also fixed the path url for the new view’s main page. It usually copies over the old link, so need to pay attention to that.

As for the other questions, we could have a hangout one of these days and write up a tutorial, what do you think?

That would be great!

We could even maybe record a screenflow video while we test things out. Then we have it there once! Can you make it to the next community call this thursday?

good idea to have the tutorial, we could all learn how to do it in a coherent way, there are always little things that only happen in drupal and we should be aware of them :slight_smile:

maybe you could start a wiki about it?

Community Call

Thursday 24 Apr 11 CEST, right? I’ll be there! :slight_smile: