Making LOTE3

Living on the Edge (LOTE) is a no-spectator event. Everyone can contribute something, whether it is curating a track at the event, facilitating a session, doing fundraising or social media outreach, making a video or helping to coordinate rideshares.

Here is how you can get started on making the best LOTE yet:

  1. Introduce yourself / Propose a session: Click on the "Create a Post" button and write a little about who you are and what you are interested in. What would you like to explore at Lote? think format of your session, how long you need and logistic requirements. if in doubt, see example.
  2. Create or take on a task: Looking for something concrete to do? Go to the Taskmanager to browse and sign up for tasks in Making Lote3 Project, or add your own.
  3. Join our Community Calls every Friday 11 am, where we coordinate our work and say hi to newcomers: see Events here on the right.