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Activities you can get involved in

1. Learn how to build revenue stream to support your activities.: As an incredibly diverse community, the range of experience and knowledge about building economically sustainability projects amongst members ranges from “where do I even begin” to “I just sold my 3rd company”. So we have set up a course! Read more about it here.

2. Open Source Circular Economy Days: This week we are using a funding application to help us define how different projects run by community members compliment each other, and what we could build together to make them all more sustainable. Get involved here.

3. Putting Open Source and Peer Production on the political agenda: “There is no way a meeting headed by the European Commission can conclude that the European social model based on full employment, trade unionization, private capitalism and hierarchy is broken. How to insert open source and peer production in the European political debate?”. Join Sensorica, Edgeryders, P2p Value and others in shaping a shared master plan here.

Suggested reading for Edgeryders

Retirement might not be on our minds just yet, but consider this: " But you are now 96 years old and your robotic care assistant  accidentally sucked up your dentures into the opensource vacuum cleaner because the IoT fridge and stove were chatting away and inadvertently knocked the robot offline". Read Jeff’s piece here.

A Moneyless Euro proposal for Greek finances came in from the Makerfox. We propose to implement this clearing system with network bartering: goods and services are offered in Euro-denominated value on a web-based marketplace. You can join the already heated debate here.,

The Stewardship:  What we have learned about engaging the networks from the work of building LOTE4 and the aftermath? Noemi has summarises our insights here.