Create the 2015-12-dd newsletter (for LOTE5 involvement)

Less than two dozen people are registered or said they are coming to Brussels. We’re not doing bad, but we need a big push these first weeks before the end of the year - namely sum up all the info released on different pages and signal ways in for people not involved or waiting instructions to get started with sharing stories. At least four groups come to mind:

  1. Lote4 community who came to Matera last year

  2. Lote5 team members who joined but are on standby

  3. Futurespotters and Future Makers

  4. ER general mailing list - everyone registered on the platform

One of the things which I think is missing now is who is coming as a speaker of facilitator. I would like to ask if we can put in name+ pictures+ one liner for each. Especially those who are not registered here - like those on the list of proposed and confirmed speakers. @Alberto do you think we can get a photo and one liner for Ezio Manzini, Giulio Q, Fabrizio Sestini?

I’m working on the text and format in this google doc and need help today and Tuesday.

This task belongs to the Communication team.


Thanks @Ireinga for pushing this to happen, and @KiraVde for tweaks.

Here is one of the versions we sent (I kept testing for content and subject but not big differences). Open rate is around 30%, click rate only 3%. Our average is 4.1% for this list of 1600+ people. Kira says this is still small. I find it that the smaller and more compact the list, the better the results. This is a general mailinglist.

Any suggestions for the future are welcome…