Create the 2016-06-24 newsletter

Time to prepare it - I’m opening this document for it to drop in link and ideas, if you want them to be included in the newsletter (you can do it by Thursday noon)

Any insights from past issues?

Curious if there are new developments or things we can improve?

As to what to add, some things come to mind:

  1. Maybe include PUNTOZERO’s call for webinar hosts and co-organisers? (I suspect it’s preferably for Italian speakers). Also look into this to accompany the call:

  1. latest post about where open healh/social care could go is this - on evasive entrepreneurship.
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WEBINAR - e-patients & Health Mobilizations on the Internet

Thank you @Noemi

On my side i prefer to have the webinar in english and postpone it to the mid of july in order to co-organize it with the proper attention.

The issue is so interesting and suitable in the mission of OP3NCARE: give voice and support online/offline approaches that involve patients and care communities. Also a sociological and critical reflection might help in understand how healthcare networks and practices are being re-worked by ITC and network culture. I’d like to start from a case study and a paper.

The case study is about a engineer who open sourced (hacked) his clinical records. The paper of Madeleine Akrich is about the negotiable boundaries between online patients’ groups and epistemic communities as communities of practice that work intersubjectively to stabilize knowledge: From communities of Practice to Epistemic Communities: Health Mobilizations on the Internet

Hope it gets some interest and inspire people around here. Does someone would like to add some case studies and/or insights to the webinar program?

About GEC 2016 i published already at the end of may a post about PUNTOZERO and a OP3NCARE link:

I will include these in the email, so hopefully people will get interested and reach out to you;)

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Great, thank you!

From my small experiment last time, when I sent newsletters to all subgroups of Edgeryders list separately, it looks like all the groups except Future Spotters (no clicks at all) are actually interested in opening the email: clickability was superb, from 4.2 to over 6 per cent, 20-25 per cent openings, definitely not too bad.

I need some time to sit and think about tweaking the titles and design - will try to figure out something new this time.

Noemi, can we meet on Skype by the end of this week? It’s time to discuss a bit and see how things go in our little team:)