Creating a Greener Economic System through Science Fiction with Cory Doctorow


Join SciFi authors, economists, technologists, and activists, in Brussels on November 11th!

Edgeryders is organizing a Science Fiction Economics Lab to brainstorm a new economic system to build a successful, fair civilization, while preserving the planet's ecological balance on November the 11th from 17:00-19:00 at Les Riches-Claires in Brussels, Belgium.

Together with award-winning Canadian SciFi author Cory Doctorow — writer of Walkaway, Little Brother and Homeland — the event will focus on creating a new alloy of science fiction world-building and economic thinking. By bringing together SciFi authors, economists, technologists, activists and others, the event will envision radically different and rock solid economic systems which move away from the usual minor changes.

We want to build a new society, because we see that the house is on fire,” says Alberto Cottica, Research Director at Edgeryders. “We need to move economic thinking out of its current box and envision a human civilization running a different economy; and trace a map to get from here to there.”

Edgeryders is a global community and a post-capitalist enterprise trying to build the infrastructure for a more humane, fairer, greener society by experimenting off-grid living, radical transparency and open source. The organization draws inspiration from 10th-century monks for serving local communities; and from coral reefs for a new approach to co-living and co-working.

This event is supported by EIT Climate-KIC, the EU’s largest public-private partnership, tasked with addressing climate change through innovation.

Join us on November 11th in Brussels to become part of the creation of a new global sustainable economic system.

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Yaaay, it’s finally happening! I’ll be there!

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Definitely trying to be there, this sounds many different kinds of awesome. Although a project in SE Asia might still throw a spanner in the works, but currently seems it won’t start until Nov 15th, so I should be good. Pitched in for the crowdfunding, and promoted through a few channels.