Creating Situations for Healthy Experiences

[Editor note: The following notes were made during the OpenVillage Festival. Quotes are not verbatim but summarize what was said. If you feel something is mis-represented, please tell us in a comment or with the “Flag → Something Else” feature and a mod will fix it. – @anu]

14.00 - 15.30: Friday 20th October 2017 @ OpenVillage Festival, Brussels

Session began with 12 people approx in the room horizontally resting. Healthy situation already existing in the context of busy, intense couple of days. Participants invited to do gentle breathing exercise before sitting upright.

Getting to know each other a little better through movement, throwing a ball around, and questions to aimed at revealing commonalities and skillsts.

  • Only one or two people in attendance had coding skills.
  • English was the dominant language, more than 50% could speak a second language.
  • Majority of attendees had some degree of experience in healthcare.
  • One attendee was an architect with basic knowledge of welding.
  • About 5 attendees had some type of physical combat/martial arts training/experience.

Slideshow of Bernard’s experience of creating healthy situations in Galway, Ireland; food garden on the grounds of a primary school, engagement with policy makers, cultural events with multiple groups participating, trialing and developing a Galway “Monastery”.

“What makes a space healthy?”

Isn’t that obvious? Nature, greenery, sustainable ecological practices, etc.?
Not necessarily. How we interact with each other is more significant. Laugher is important. If there is no laughter or potential for laughter then it is not a healthy space.
Space for an individual to be alone. Somewhere quiet away from noise.
There are so many things, is the question too broad?
Add a word, “what makes a space healthy for everyone?” / “what makes a space healthy for an individual?” Wheelchair accessibility. Fair economy, the situation in Egypt. Space to be creative.

Key cards “hurdles” from the methodology kit: Distractions, roles, workplace.
Suggested additional card that was not found in the pack: Self-care.

Session ends with a short guided, seated meditative breathing exercise, aimed at acknowledging and dealing distraction. The room was bright, spacious, comfortable with good acoustics. Mild to moderate external noises.