Critical questions you can help answer before the event on Food localisation on 30 October

Hello all,
7 days left until we meet! At Edgeryders, we invite everyone who has an interest in food sustainability, organic farming, agri-businesses to connect with others by sharing your work and experience. It’s the first step to really understand: how can we work together to support localisation of food?

There are too many interesting people and stories to connect in only 2 hours during the event! So we are already doing it on our open conversation platform. Here are issues that are being raised, pick one and leave a thoughtful comment with your experience:

How do you feel about organic farming rising/declining in your country?

Poland is developing very quickly industrial farming and breeding. Organic farming is declining since 2014 by 6% each year. - Ewa (Poland)

If more people should consume and support organic farming, how do you make quality food affordable?

Dragan (Serbia) thinks real food should be more expensive, while Jasen says this is a real challenge in Croatia.

Do you believe in the potential of digital tech to offer real value for farmers?

Some of the participants work in big agrifood, while others are activists for local scale farming. We need examples of sustainable digital tech, can you offer one?

Can and should local agricultural solutions scale up?

The EU has tried to finance and to support bottom up operational groups in the European Innovation Partnership in Agriculture (EIP AGRI). They involve farmers, NGOs, researchers. Even with public support, the solutions they find have problems to scale up and be replicable. - Angelo, our guest speaker.

Has the pandemic affected your work with your partners and food producers?

the worst hit for the work we do is to not be able to travel freely in Europe as a lot of our projects are about connecting people and exchange experience between countries and especially related to family farming. - Sonia (Poland)

Our guests who will open the session and answer some of the questions are:

Who is attending the event and can you still register?

So far we have people from Belgium, Serbia, Poland, The Netherlands, UK who registered. You can still do it by filling in this Registration form.

Meet here all Registered participants.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and care for your community, these are harsh times,

Warmly from Bruxelles,


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