Cultural integration through spoken word poetry

As today we record as a great success the fact that growing multiculturalism, migration and movement of people with varied and different cultural backgrounds are considered usual and an ever growing phenomenon. A lot has been done in the field until now however, still a lot to do in the field. It is important to notice that there is still great animosity within local communities as well as a lot of prejudices. A lot of issues also arise as people of local communities do not acknowledge the issues at hand which creates more and more divide which is not being addressed. Those stereotypical thoughts are mainly generated as a result of the absence of adequate communication, education and the influence of the society through all types of mediums.

Whithin those toughts and seeing what is happening even amongs my friends, I got an idea to approach cultural identity questions, self and other’s perception through a different lens as well as to raise awareness about cultural integration, positivity and motivation to create positive patterns and a sense of belonging. As the name is suggesting, it’s about speaking and creating save space for that using spoken word poetry, creating space to improvise as well as to bring experience into already existent scene.


Hi @evelina , I remember being briefly in touch when you joined Edgeryders about a year ago, what made you consider posting? :slight_smile:

Are you based in Vilnius? Curious how your city, or Lithuania broadly, are dealing with diversity, and whether you look at it as an in-group thing (different groups within the same nation) or an out group. For example where I come from, Romania, the issue of diversity is treated at the politica/ media level as a matter of ethnic groups among the Romanian nationality. It’s less a matter of incoming, new groups - where things look good in the quiet way: since we are not exposed to it so much or exposure brings in clear benefits rather than strains (i.e. tourism).

How come you’re thinking about artistic expression as a solution, do you have experience with that? You probably need to meet others here interested in culture and diversity - Edgeryders has a Culture Squad in the making where we try to set up projects specifically on that, maybe have a look?

Hey @Noemi

I live in Amsterdam and I work a lot here with spoken word poetry and inclusion and self development. I am happy to share if you like!

Any link further would be appreciated indeed

Also given the interest from Alberto below… Thanks!

Have you tried it yet?

Hello @evelina , welcome from me too. Spoken word for cultural integration sounds like a new approach to me, at least in continental Europe. Maybe there is soimething in English-speaking countries, where spoken word as an art form is more widespread.I recall @Alex_Levene is into poetry and spoken word, and so is @Dougald . Maybe they know?

Have you tried it yet? Even on a small scale? If so, how did it go? And: was there a language barrier to negotiate?

Curious about your Experiences!

Hello, @evelina!

Similar to @Alberto,  I’m curious your experience with this so far. Spoken-word is a passion for me and I’ve definitely seen the power it has to give an outlet for people’s voices.

I also wonder if you have looked into any other creative mediums for creating common ground? One thing I am looking into in this realm is Theater of The Oppressed. Maybe this upcoming webinar would be of interest to you?

cultural humility!

I clicked on the Theater of the Oppressed link and saw the point about cultural humility!

@Shajara  Now that is a really a good idea!!

Did you know ‘modesty’ is the 5th principal in the diybio code of ethics, btw?

I am also interested in open poetry, spoken word, and think most problems can be solved if good communication is possible!


Hello @Rachel . You also mentioned the day bio code of ethics in the Open Insulin group. Can you say more about it? I have never heard about it, and perhaps others are in the same situation.

ethical aims


The group made this code in 2011, as far as I know.  We have a handout for prospective members of Hackuarium that includes it too…

Here it is:


Emphasize transparency and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, data and results.


Adopt safe practices.

Open Access

Promote citizen science and decentralized access to biotechnology.


Help educate the public about biotechnology, its benefits and implications.


Know you don’t know everything.


Carefully listen to any concerns and questions and respond honestly

Peaceful Purposes

Biotechnology must only be used for peaceful purposes.


Respect humans and all living systems.


Recognize the complexity and dynamics of living systems and our responsibility towards them.


Remain accountable for your actions and for upholding this code.

DIYbio code of ethics, Draft from the European Delegation, May 2011

Probably there could be many versions of this out there now, of course!

I should also note that DIT Research is more close to my heart (do it together!) than the original diybio…  ;)

ciao for now,