Curate your own Edgeryders [hi]story!

In this tasks we ask you to curate you own list of favorite/most relevant Edgeryders posts ahead of LOTE5. That way others with mutual or complimentary interests can find and start to interact with one another ahead of the event. Completing this task is worth one ticket to LOTE5.


Edgeryders is different things to different people. Some of us have participated very actively for a brief period of time. Others have been very heavily involved since the beginning. Others are  like butterflies, dancing in and out and all around. Each of us carries in us a different part of the Edgeryders story: different phases in its development, different things that caught our attention or conversations that were or still are important to us.

So it makes sense that we collaboratively build the story of Edgeryders as it emerges from all our different perspectives. Everyone is welcome to contribute their own thoughts following a shared format. The shared format will enable us to weave together our different pieces of the puzzle into a structure which makes it easy to understand and share.

Please add your bit to the Edgeryders (hi)story here:

Image credit: Topographic Map by Nicky Knicky.