Cyclehack Tbilisi

Cyclehack is an event aimed at making cities more cycle friendly.  The idea is to bring people together to come up with ideas that solve the barriers to cycling and build them in under 48 hours.  The main Cyclehack event will be held in Edinburgh, with satellite events being held all around the world.

On June 21st we’re planning to do cyclehack in Tbilisi.  Please join our Facebook page here -

This is going to be a great chance to come up with ideas for making bicycle transit better in Tbilisi!  Follow us on Facebook for more information.  If anyone would like to help make Cyclehack Tbilisi bigger and better, please get in touch!

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Bicycle Colective Tbilisi & Critical Mass every last friday

are you already coordinating with Bicycle collective Tbilisi

and the guys organizing the Critical Mass Tbilisi every last friday of the month ?

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Where’s the follow up happening?

I think this is a great step further from Critical Mass which is also mobilising citizens to cycle and send the point across by cycling together around the city.

Curious where will you be collecting the input and ideas for change? is there a public conversation where people continue to work on prototypes or small projects together in the follow up?

One thing we can offer, taking the opportunity of Futurespotters event in Tbilisi, June 24-26, is a session with global participants involved in the wider urban planning activism. @Jeff Haack would you be up for hosting such a session and building it together with fellow Georgians, Armenians, Egyptians in the runup to the event?

also pinging @Vahagn & @Elene Margvelashvili to see if they’d be up for it.

Bike Collective Tbilisi

So great idea!

Its exactly that is missing, to move from “just mass” towards something more constructive. There is so many cyclists groups and ongoing projects/events at the moment, some of them with more sportive interest, but anyway all of us with same goal. But what i see is missing is better communication between all cyclist and lovers.

What’s why I created a facebook group Bicycle Collective Tbilisi for different cooperations, information sharing 

Cyclist parade happening tommorow 

and 20 cyclists coming tommorow for 2 months bike project in Tbilisi

some other groups 
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I did not realize that there were so many cycle-groups already! The cyclehack fits right in it indeed @Monika Peldaviciute, thanks for sharing! @jeff, did you know? Maybe I should consider getting a bicycle :wink:

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EU Energy Week June 23-27, Public Roundtable on SEAP Tbilisi

June 23-27 is EU Sustainable Energy Week There will be events in Tbilisi, related to the Covenant of Mayors . There are also plan for a public roundtable on the Sustainable Energy Action Plan SEAP.  The Transport Chapter in the  SEAP TBilisi so far does not include any action on promotion of cycling or walking. If you come up with any concrete ideas on municipal actions to promote cycling, I’ll link you up with the organizers. See also CoM benachmarks of excellence…&country_bench&cat_bench&performer_type&sector=TRANSPORT and  Do the right Mix

Cyclehack still planned for June 21st?

@Jeff Haack,  any updates on the Cyclehack? June 21 is in 2 days, and as there have been no updates  or more recent invitations I expect that it won’t happen on this day. Is it postponed, i.e. do you plan to do it later, or is the event cancelled?