Dashboard down?

I can’t access

@Jason_Vallet everything OK?

Most of the dashboard is o.k. but not the doi view

I checked very quickly a few hours ago and the server was responsive so I thought everything was o.k. After a more thorough examination, it turns out everything works except the doi view which seems to have some issues displaying the graph.

I will take a look at it tomorrow in the afternoon.


I have a problem with this dashboard I click on different tags in order to have in the center not “research question” but another one, but I couldn’t.

Someone could help me?



Tag view and all other views – in need for feedback

Thanks Franca for spending your much precious time experimenting with the software.

The tag view definitely needs to be reworked, and its design to be improved.

For now, you get this “star” shape view, with a selected teg at the center. I reckon this view is quite dull, we had to go for this compromise because the underlying computations were too high to be served over the internet – we are working on improving this.

If you click, not on a node, but on a label on the right, the view is reinitialized (although your eye might not notice it). With the new selected node being placed at the center.

If you observe closely, you may be able to see the application recomputes (something …) and the view is adjusted. We plan to (soon) show the co-occurence of tags – probably not the whole and full, densely packed network, but a carefully selected subset of tags.

Stay tuned!

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Why can’t I choose an EDGE on the co-occurrences graph?

After all this is the method of analysis we have been exploring…

Coming soon …

Well, we’ve been exploring it as you precisely mention, with Tulip. Jason is working on porting this on the dashboard. Stay tuned.

The value of these session we have been having is that we are now a 100% sure these objects and tasks are the good ones to focus on.

You just need to give us the necessary time to port all of this on the web :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Actually it’s interesting for me because it could be an easier way to find topics on Edgeryders, without reading everything!! :wink:

But I continue not to be able to change the graph. In fact if I click on the label “migration” for example, nothing changes on the graph and I don’t understand why… but maybe it is only my problem…