Define Post Production Tasks and Responsibilities: The Future is Not a Control Room

Daniele suggests that I edit, as their editor is unavailable. I can do this, as long as I don’t also have to do animations.

I can do:

-rough cut

-music selection

-upload rough cut for feedback and input

-fine cut

-colour correction

-audio mix

-export for delivery

This is feasible by the end of the week if I get the footage from Daniele & @NicoBis ASAP, and we get another interview shot ASAP.

but I need someone else to do these, if they are needed:

-titles (are we using the same typography/colours/iconography as the event, or something different?)

-animation/motion graphics (exported as 25fps 1920x1080px PNG sequence with transparency)

-voiceover/pickup shots


so 2 things

We need to get another interview asap, any ideas? @SamMuirhead, what about interviewing Ben and Lauren about unMonastery? Or @dandimarte and @NicoBis do you guys have an idea?

Also, the design part would be nice to have I think, @dandimarte and @NicoBis are you guys able to take this on you?

update from rome

Hi, thanks Sam for making everything clear, as I told we are working on two clips: n.1 Rome Fablab n.2 Unmonastery

we can do a rough cut of both clips (interviews edited with images) and we can put subtitles as well, the material should be ready by wednesday, it would be awesome to get an hangout tomorrow to decide about the final cut

We are digging into our unmonastery footage, we are currently watching interviews from Lucia, Maria, and Marc getting thoughts that go in the right direction, we guess it would be totally worth to show the unmonastery experience even without brand new footage :slight_smile:

update from rome n.2

We were thinking the best way to introduce, join and close the clip would be a voiceover, we do have the right native english speaker that can make it! the introductory text can be the one Noemi wrote in the first open doc: ““People all over the planet are thinking hard… ” as for the closure we are gonna think it together!   

Goodnight :slight_smile:

Hangout when?

What about tomorrow morning? 9.30 CET?

Feedback re video #1: need for further work on it

Hi Sam and all,

did you see Riel’s feedback here? Video #1 needs to go through another iteration. Back to the drawing board.