Design a face for the Edgeryders festival

@nadia well received. @MariaEuler I can help you with header for the social media for now. Just let me know with what details to put in it and the deadline.Also, I am available now if you want to have a call and discuss what help I can offer.

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Regarding visual style:

The event boxes like: " The Economic Science Fiction seminar: Brussels, November 11th " use a serif-font for me while the rest of the page doesnt. This could be an intended effect, but in this case it does not look like it were (if so, at least I dont like it). The tricky part: The relevant CSS definition for these boxes are “font-family: system-ui”, so the page will look different, depending on your Operating System and the settings.

Solution (without knowing the implementation details):
In the CSS rule for .masonry-with-columns .event_entry: remove font-family: system-ui.

Btw, if there were a github link to the systems source code it would make it very easy for me to propose (and test) changes like this one.

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A second technical issue: probably due to the javascript frontend thing, deep links ( -> the “events at the end”) do not work. This is problematic beause if you use the navigation bar on the top and then want to share the link with your friend, she will see an empty page and believe there is no content/the webpage is down.

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ping @matthias

@IyedBelguith great!

The information we would like would be: the festival headline and space to fill in the event headline, time, space and 1-2 sentence description as well a an image for the event. Would be good if we also prepare some defold options for those images.
Could you deliver it before the 1st of October?

Would you like to have a call today?

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we also need a banner for this that would follow the same visual profile

Exactly! @owen, you’re invited to our organization on Github, so please create a repo there for each of the websites you’re building.

(Also I propose you guys move issue reporting and improvements after the initial version of a website over to Discourse Github. A thousand things in one thread like here are hard to keep track of. But, up to you, since it’s not my “department” …)

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Hey Felix, thanks for the feedback - it’s not intended this way and is incorrect due to the font-family property. It will be fixed on the next release, just not the highest priority at the moment due to a few other pressing features.

thanks @matthias, I will create a repository for it today.

Wouldn’t Github in that case be more appropriate for this - ?

Oh, of course. I meant to say Github. We use the issue tracker there for all major software projects.

Here we go @felix.wolfsteller and @matthias:

Hi @IyedBelguith the info that goes on the flyers is all visible at
When do you think you could have something put together?

updated list for graphics needs:

Templates for

  • “Titelcard” a split image including the festival headline and space to fill in the event headline, time, space and 1-2 sentence description as well as an image for the event. Would be good if we also prepare some defold options for those images. This card would be used as the header for the main event posts on the platform, therefore should be adjusted to the computer and mobile screens.
    Considering that maybe not all the organisers have access to graphics programmes, who would fill in the templates for them? Would it make sense to set up a sheet in which they simply put in their descriptions which to automatically or by hand transfer to the templates?
  • Template for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook adjusted versions of the header.
  • A simple logo for the festival building upon the Edgeryders Logo:
  • A Flyer of r the festival in general following the same visual style with Edgeryders Festival 3 sentence description, dates and locations evt. space to fill in the titels of the events happening
  • A folder with graphics and images suitable to the topics (list with event topics will be provided in late September) (if possible
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ping @dehaasdesign

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regarding the flyer (which is different from the header)
this is the old header from openvillage:


we have all the related files, with a new logo for the festival we can update and use this

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Got it! This is great!

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are you guys fine with using this one also as the general flyer:

or would you prefer to use the old one with the edgeryders festival logo?

i like it -maybe a different background photo though

background photo is a defold placeholder. there should be a real photo from the people doing the event in the best case. Do we have some nice once from edgeryders in action for the general flyer?