Design a face for the Edgeryders festival

Dear community,

We are right now developing a diverse yet topically connected programme for the Edgeryders NGI Festival (19th to 29th of November). The NGI topics can very shortly be summed up as “Technology for Good” and “Deep Green Technology”. Programm points range from workshops for teachers to create open-source learning material over hackathons to develop ethical information tech proposals to talks on topics like justice or sustainability in tech.

We help each other to realise these events and weave them together to a unique and diverse Festival. To do this all community members with all kinds of skills come together. Tickets for the festival are not bought with money, but with your unique contribution!

Now it is time to give this festival a face, and we call to creative community members skilled in graphic design!

Would you be interested and available (or know of someone who would be) to design a template and/or some design assets for the official Edgeryders NGI Festival Posts to be used by all events and in our public posts?

Just answer here what you could do and what you would need from us.

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@natalia_skoczylas @alex_levene @zmorda

I know some good illustrators and designers, what would be the budget and specifics for the kit?

@IyedBelguith and I will be happy to help :slight_smile: @MariaEuler can you give us further details ? and the deadline please

hello @zmorda, @IyedBelguith and @natalia_skoczylas,

thank you for your interest.
The idea is to have unified templates for those who post their events to attract discussion and participants.

It would be good to get them in the last week of September so that people can start posting with them in the first week of October.

It would be great if you could come to the community call on the 17th of September 18:00 Brussels time where we present the initial project ideas and discuss the needed details!

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ping @BlackForestBoi, @nadia

@MariaEuler I will be happy to help you to design your template. I can start working on it when I have further details.

Iyed and everyone, hi

So - this is the breakdown of the content that is going onto the festival minisite @owen is building.

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I will show up on the 17th, let’s see what we can cook up :slight_smile:

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@IyedBelguith @MariaEuler make sure you coordinate with @owen

Any idea what happened to this?

We will discuss it in the call today and I post details afterwards

hi @IyedBelguith we are moving ahead on this so if you want to be part of it, it is important to follow up with @MariaEuler within the next 2-3 days.

What we need:
Templates for

  • “Titelcard” a split image including the festival headline and space to fill in the event headline, time, space and 1-2 sentence description as well a an image for the event. Would be good if we also prepare some defold options for those images. This card would be used as the header for the main event posts on the platform, therefore should be adjusted to computer and mobile screens.
    Considering that maybe not all the organisers have access to graphics programms, who would fill in the templates for them? Would it make sense to set up a sheet in which they simply put in their descriptions which to automatically or by hand transfere to the templates?

  • Template for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook adjusted versions of the header.

  • A folder with graphics and images suitable to the topics (list with event topics will be provided in late September)


anything else @inge @anon82932460 ?

We have a designer on standby. RIOTme the budget and I’ll put you two in touch asap

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I can help with the festival site and making it work alongside our platform - the current version is already online for testing - - I’ll make a post on how it works shortly.


@nadia well received. @MariaEuler I can help you with header for the social media for now. Just let me know with what details to put in it and the deadline.Also, I am available now if you want to have a call and discuss what help I can offer.


Regarding visual style:

The event boxes like: " The Economic Science Fiction seminar: Brussels, November 11th " use a serif-font for me while the rest of the page doesnt. This could be an intended effect, but in this case it does not look like it were (if so, at least I dont like it). The tricky part: The relevant CSS definition for these boxes are “font-family: system-ui”, so the page will look different, depending on your Operating System and the settings.

Solution (without knowing the implementation details):
In the CSS rule for .masonry-with-columns .event_entry: remove font-family: system-ui.

Btw, if there were a github link to the systems source code it would make it very easy for me to propose (and test) changes like this one.

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A second technical issue: probably due to the javascript frontend thing, deep links (Edgeryders Festival | November 19-29th 2019 → the “events at the end”) do not work. This is problematic beause if you use the navigation bar on the top and then want to share the link with your friend, she will see an empty page and believe there is no content/the webpage is down.

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