Design a logo for the biochar rocket stove

Design a logo for the stove

What is the purpose of the logo?

Hi Darren - just wondering… why do you feel you the stove needs a logo? Will you be promoting it with documentation, putting the logo on the (open source?) stove itself, creating an organization. In thinking about the design of a logo, it’s useful to be clear about how it will be used. All the best with it! ~Christina


Thanks for the interest Christina

I guess I was thinking a logo would give the project more credibility / look cool.

Possibly I was getting a bit overexcited when I was editing the group here - trying to think of ways remote collaborators could aid the project.

There is a chance that I, or acquaintances, may try to kickstart small scale production and I guess the logo could be used on stoves. If there was production runs it would almost certainly make sense to have the metal laser cut to provide big savings in fabrication times. Logos could be laser cut into the stove

Yes the design is open source - licensed as CC-BY-SA