[Design task] Graphics and cards with participants bios for printing

This is first a question: should we collect, design and print nice graphics for the event? The only reason we would do it is to encourage people connecting with each other easier. We could use FuckUp Bios so that it’s genuine and not the boring conference stuff. It always comes down to deciding to put some effort into this. Otherwise we stay digital and it’s fine. No pressure :slight_smile:

The more expensive option (need to check costs!): 1 booklet with everyone’s info to be distributed to all participants

The cheaper option (just an idea): 1-2 bio cards per person to be hung at the check in. Each participants skims through those, chooses another person’s card(s) and is invited to interview that person by the end of the event. This helps real bonding and documentation altogether!

Design wise, just to give you an idea, here’s what we used previously:

  1. For LOTE1 (see the full work by Malica Worms)

  1. For LOTE4 (@Nadia has the designs)

More resource files:


I wanted to propose to make a kind of program paper. It makes it easier (I dont have a smartphone) and you can keep it as a memory ! would be nice ?

The cheapest option : one A4 double side per participant.

I’m not sure for the price for the printing but I can suppose that :

the price is maybe 0,30 cent x 2 = 0,60 per sheet. x 90 participant = 54 euros


“1 booklet with everyone’s info to be distributed to all participants” you mean the infos about the 90 participants ?

In every case, I would love to design it !

I would love love love

to see a nice program design!

Even if we don’t print it in colour for all participants (in my experience people lose it super fast (ok I lose it super fast) so perhaps it’s not worth the colour printing. Maybe we can have several in colour on the walls and then black and whites for individuals?) - we can use it a thousand times by then in our online communication. I’ll make it my FB banner.



Ahh I forget to precise, I meant to print it only in black on a colored paper like this program (was a great event in a cultural center of Brussel). I think It’s nice to work only with two colours, the black and the background color.

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Looks simple, light and affordable

@CamTesta what a great idea. As Kira says we could use it digitally too ahead of the event (maybe landscape oriented?).

Yes, for the booklet with everyone’s info that’s what I meant - it’s basically 50 pages minimum x 100 participants, even if in a smaller version, say half an A4. And more work because you need to collect everyone’s info beforehand. Let’s see, I say start with what we can do (a nice program) and go from there. Thanks for coming in to help so fast! <3

my pleasure!

Yes Noemi you’re right this booklet would be a biiggg quantity of work ! :s

We have to list all the content of this A4 (is it only the program ? Exactly as it appears on this website ?) I can add the SPEAKERS section if I’ve enough space, I think I will)

Do we have money to print it ?

Ok and as both of you said we can use a digital version too :slight_smile:


In my experience creating a booklet, especially one which contains lots of individual, personalised information takes A LOT of time. Weeks, or more.

I really like the simplicity of the black printing on colour background.

I do like the name tags from LOTE4 as well, and there’s a really helpful way of identifying people and a ‘take home/memento’ from the event. The design of those could be done in advance and they could be printed in advance, or on the day if organised in advance.


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@Alex_Levene so let’s do that? Maybe not bigger than the size of a business card? Should we add the bios there then? maybe a one sentence excerpt from the FuckUp Bios? If you make the design, then I can help by working with someone else to collect that one sentence from everyone.


Happy to do this. I can dedicate some time to this tomorrow, but i cannot currently access the Dropbox links above with logos etc.

Could you email me the logos/images that you want to use for LOTE5 and i’ll put a small card design together.

I think just name and logos of the front, with bio and info on the back. No picture (too much pre-organisation to collect photos)


Ignore me

I just found an old email with a linl to the ER logos so i’ve got those now.

Does anyone have the LOTE% image in it’s original parts? I can pull the image off the header on the website, but if it exists in it’s original components somewhere that would be really helpful.

You mean the logo?

I can send it to you if you give me your email :slight_smile:

Took the liberty to check your profile - do you have any poetry published?

not yet

I haven’t put anything forward for publishing yet, as i’m trying to set up a small independent poetry publishers in the UK myself, so might have things available online soon. I tend to work more on the performance poetry side as well so i have a few recordings that i’m working up to go on Soundcloud and YouTube. They might be up before i head to LOTE

If you could send me the details to alexalevene@googlemail.com that would be great.


News on my end…

I’ve started to collect Names and Bios via a google form sent out to everyone. We’ll have a spreadsheet available with all the available info by Tuesday. I suspect the average bio will be around 150 characters (if not we’ll trim the longer ones). @Alex_Levene is it feasible for us to sit down on Wednesday and add everything in your designs? I’m happy to help, it can be quite a lot of work.


…should be fine. Let me know what time is best for you. It would be best for me between 11amGMT and 1pmGMT.

I’ve nearly finished the design, will have it all sorted by Wednesday morning.


11 am gmt

Oh super, thanks @Alex_Levene!

Let’s do skype at 11? I’m noemi.salantiu

This might help

Hi guys,

Im putting together a spread sheet with all the key information including the participant names and Bios here… I also have a folder with everyone’s photos in it, each jpeg named with first and lat name of person. Let me know if you want the photos.

About the A4 program


I have some questions:

Where do you we print it ? I heard that it’s possible in a Fablab?

When will the program be final so I can make the layout?

For when should it be ready/printed?

Printing on Wednesday afternoon

Hi @CamTesta!

We’re in luck, @Alberto is adding the room names to the online program and then it’s good to go. Let’s wait til after the community call tomorrow (11-12h) to see if last changes are needed, and then you’re good to go with the lay-out.

Let’s prepare to have all printables ready by Wednesday 24th? On Thursday we can go in to the venue and decorate LOTE style.

@Noemi or should the print deadline be sooner?

Your territory, you know best.

Of course the sooner the better, but we all have things to do so whenever you think it’s OK to have it ready @KiraVde.

Made the last changes to the program and added the rooms. Everything in between slots (10:45 - 11:00; 16:15 - 16:30) are coffee breaks, which you can add separately @CamTesta. Again, looking forward to see how it comes out!

Okayy I’ll start working in the next days ! Can you send me the LOTE5 logo by email ? camille.testard@gmail.com !

And what about the printing and the fablab ?