[Design task] Make ourselves the hard earned LOTE5 ticket

A lot of those registered may be waiting for an actual confirmation that their efforts are recorded and count as a ticket. Just wondering if we could have an image like the ones contributed by RossellaB here with another text on it, something along the lines of “Your LOTE5 ticket. earned with no blood, sweat or tears just passion” or more humorous.

The logo in .png is available here.

Any graphic design whiz around so that we don’t burden Rossella with more work?

This task is worth a Lote5 ticket.


@Alex_Levene is this design task something you might be interested in?

It would be great to have a token of appreciation to send to those who really make a contribution to the event.

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Hi Noemi,

Sorry, totally missed your message here. Well done to whoever did manage to put the ticket together it looks fantastic.

If there’s anything similar that needs doing then message me directly. I’m still getting the hang of all these threads and posts and tasks etc so some of it slips through the cracks.


No worries.

@tony009 ended up helping me. Didn’t want to put too much on anyone’s shoulders so didn’t insist. Rest assured, more to come.

In fact… it has already https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote5/task-5863 :slight_smile: