Community call Wednesday 11am - 3 weeks to LOTE

As every Wednesday we are religiously hosting a community call to discuss LOTE5 preparations and get to share all of our aspirations for the close-to-come event and beyond.

This last week we worked on creating extra content around sessions, @Alberto updated Ezio Manzini’s workshop: Collaborative inclusion: how migrants-residents collaboration can produce social values. A reflexive design exercise. @Nadia and @Iriedawta did some rewriting on the sessions themed “how to #unfail the refugee crisis”, @ireinga and @Noemi are still working on the polish of respectively ECOCs and Complementary Currencies.

@Natalia_Skoczylas @KiraVde we still need a writeup of this session:  Talking in tongues: what disruptive financing models mean for development and policy making, talk by Millie Begovic, UN innovation specialist. any chance you could make some time to reach Millie?


For those of you that plan to be in BXL and offline at some point on FEB 11 we warmly invite you to an Apéro at Le Space.

Sorry for the “organization freak” language, coutdown is super fast! Feel free to join just to say hello :slight_smile:

Meet u at 11am via this Hangout

Date: 2016-02-11 10:00:00 - 2016-02-11 10:00:00, Europe/Paris Time.

Talking in tongues

Just to say @ElaMi5 wrote to me earlier this week, is fully briefed and will get in touch when she can uploading her session on Talking in tongues. No can do.

I will prepare an email to speakers though to make sure expectations are aligned. At this pace, some sessions look somewhat left behind in terms of visibility so it could not hurt to encourage them to run a “mini marketing campaign” to make sure they benefit the most of an engaged group attending. Would that help?

Speakers dinner?

@Nadia suggested to do a speakers dinner at some point. We could even do it at home in Rue Pierre Decoster, though it’s not clear just when we’d do it for everyone to attend. Another decision I guess…

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