Design thinking, Design making... a big difference!

This week the opencare team of WeMake welcomed a new member.

Lorenzo Romagnoli ( is an interaction designer that will be in charge of developing the mock-up and co-designing with users and other makers the needed prototypes for the projects openrampette and MIR.

As first mission Lorenzo will be in charge of the “call” part of openrampette; i.e. the device, or the solution meant to call the shop attendants. The result should be a “good” mock-up to be discussed on in the next meeting of “user research” with the shop owners themselves. The design side is improving now that the projects have been developed and could involve and motivate many people. It’s the turning point from design thinking to the making.

There is a hard work on coordinating activities, plans, schedules, people, and it can be done only in a shared and collaborative way. Infact, the issue i’m currently working on is about leadership.

A liquid and seamless leadership making possible such performance made up of details and roles taken time by time by the many here around. There are skills, shifts and duties that can be interchanged; other are very specific and will need a bit of training, or briefing.

Just today, I was considering how much decisions are based on situations and how much situations are shaped by the technological means used by the team. Chats, online files, networks and software are such a heterogeneous and complex network to face the complexity of turning design sessions into events, actions and artifacts.

This sounds really interesting. It should be time for technology to be used for social change as well as scientific or technological advancement.

I hope I am getting this idea right. :slight_smile:

It’s time for public engagement

Yes, you are getting it right.

Innovation processes and progress policies should involve citizens as designers to build a much responsible and sustainable society.

How does the codesign with shop owners happen?

@Federico_Monaco you leave us wanting more :slight_smile: Does it happen in workshops with more people, in meetings one-on-one, on the internet as well…?

PS I suggest whenever you blog about WeMake work or OpenRampette you make sure to link to a context post on edgeryders or elsewhere so that when we share your notes on the Internet readers can plug in directly in the conversation - or just explain in 3 introductory sentences what is OpenRampette and what question is poses.

it happens in the hybrid space…

@Noemi thank you for asking more about.

What i’m understanding is that is not a matter where it happens, but that it may happen. Those are events useful to tune a heuristic model. People use the web, come to the meetings, post a comment… The matter is about having a representation and a plan of the event strong enough to let the input in from participants. I will follow your suggestions. Thank you