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Hi @all,

here is the update of the main activities run and storified on opencare and wemake website in the last months.

There is a need to track activities beyond the usual, but it helps rethinking the digital as the network capable of distribute, facilitate and deliver services and resources.

The activities are categorised as: a) openrampette; b) MIR; c) ethnography at WeMake.

a) openrampette

open rampette arrivano i prototipi (in italian)

local newsletter update about open rampette (in italian) .

open rampette | la procedura | incontro 23.05 @ LaStecca3.0

open rampette | la chiamata | Questionario utilizzo della rampa mobile a chiamata​

b) MIR

Maker in Residence | Welcome teams! (ER)

c) #notes from wemake


Design thinking, Design making… a big difference!

Opening the dimensions of access by openrampette

Making of Maker in Residence

Openrampette makes questions about co-designing

an interview about Federico as researcher on the field

an interesting behind the scene about @Rune  and @federico


Wrong link?

Not sure if it is intentional… the “Makers making community” link goes to “open rampette | la chiamata | Questionario utilizzo della rampa mobile a chiamata”, which also has its own link. So maybe there is a missing link for “Makers making community”.


Thanks @alberto. The link it’s now correct.